• Decking

    We can work in with your existing plants and garden.

    Decking can make uneven ground flat, or create an extra living space.

    Outdoor Paving

    Paving can create or define a space. Paving is great for giving your garden a place where you can rest, relax and appreciate living.


    We do flat surfaces, stairs, walls and just about any structure. We can also provide low slip and match the tiles to suit the theme of your garden to create the experience you want.

  • What is your dream urban escape?

    Let's meet on site to see what we can start creating for you. We'll come out and provide you with a free, no obligation, quote to see what we can make happen at your home.

  • Who We Are

    Our working philosophy is Learn, Apply, Progress...

    Ryan Hardy


    Ryan has been in the Landscaping industry for the last 15 years and started Urban Landscapes with the goal of giving people the experience of the outdoors at home. Ryan loves being outside and has helped many clients and friends who spend a lot of time indoors due to their work have their own urban escape at home. Ryan is on site, doing the work and managing the team. He takes a hands on approach working directly with clients and ensuring the team deliver on the vision, plans and outcome.

    Tradesmen and Apprentices

    Our Awesome Team

    The Urban Landscapes team have the same standard of quality, attention to detail that Ryan does about the work they do. When you get our team, you get friendly, easy to communicate and professional all the way. We cant show you their faces... as they are the men behind the scenes making everything work... and if we did, we'd have to pay them more :-)

  • What We Do

    Creating your urban escape

    Landscape - Construction

    We provide a wide range of construction services including:

    Complete landscape construction

    Paving – Natural stone concrete, clay pave

    Retaining walls – stone, brick and timber


    Plant installation

    Water features

    Garden Design

    Creating spaces you love looking at and being in

    As society changes, so does our outdoor living space. Urban landscapes believes every garden should reflect the client and their lifestyle.

    From the onsite design consultation and the information gathered, we amalgamate these ideas to create your ideal space.

    Wall and Floor Tiling

    Tiling is a great addition to the home and complete a space.

    We offer complete residential tiling for your outdoor living space. All you need to do is pick the tile, and we can do the rest. You can choose from

    • Exterior tiling
    • Ceramic Tiles
    • Porcelain Tiles
    • Natural stone
    • Rectified Edged Tiles
    • Screeding
  • Background

    We always strive for the best

    Our philosophy

    We believe that good communication between the client and ourselves is the key in creating such a unique and satisfying space. If we get you, how you like to work and live... we can create your Urban escape, a space that you will love being in every day.


    Urban Landscapes has been involved within the industry for over 15yrs, providing our services throughout the Inner West, Hills Districts and Lower Northern Districts.


    We are experienced and specialise in residential landscape design & construction of all sizes, from small courtyards to large residential properties. We create designs that make the transition from indoors to out seamless whilst utilising all the space provided. This ultimately results in a practical and distinctive area, which reflects the client and their needs.

  • Our Partners

    We let the results speak for themselves.


    We love the builders we partner with because they all have very high standards. They pride themselves to have the best workmanship and deliver first rate work. This is exciting for us because we do the same with all our landscape design and builds.


    Architects have great visions and ideas and we figure out how to make their ideas work - in the dirt, with live plants and with your ideal space in mind.

    Pool & Water Specialists

    Pools and water create peace, tranquility and calming features to a landscape or space. Building them may not be a zen experience and we work and communicate well with water experts to ensure the job is done professionally and with minimal hassle.

    Engineers & Designers

    We make sure our work is structurally sound and perfect in its construction. So we work with your engineers and designers to ensure your project is a solid reliable job.

  • Contact Us

    Don't be afraid to reach out. Lets create your urban escape

    Concord, NSW, Australia
    Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm
    Saturday 8am - 2pm
    0424 187 226
  • Contact Us

    Approach us via email, Facebook or phone. We also welcome feedback so please feel free to give us feedback via the same means.